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Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas That'll Save You Money

Here you'll find traditional, modern and vintage-inspired gift wrapping ideas that are surprisingly easy to recreate — including ideas without a gift box and gift card wrapping hacks. There are endless ways to flex your creativity: use paint splatters to upgrade basic wrapping paper, mini bottle brush trees to create a snowy scene, colored paper to assemble your own poinsettia flowers, branch clippings and pinecones as a DIY gift topper. You can even give two gifts in one by adorning your presents with homemade holiday ornaments or trash-to-treasure Christmas crafts your loved ones will want to keep.

Movie Quotes

Adorn each gift with one of your favorite holiday movie quotes. To get started, you'll need solid gift wrap, letter stickers and a ruler or a book with a straight edge to keep yourself level.

Road Map

Life is a journey — and this wrapping paper shows that in the most charming way. Simply find an old road map and wrap your gifts in it. Keep everything in place by pulling a piece of thread through a vintage button for a cute take on a bow.

Christmas Boxes

Your average cardboard box can quickly become a beautiful gift wrap solution with a few coats of paint, stencils and a little inspiration.

Splattered Paint

Don't be afraid to get a little messy with this simple paint splattered gift wrap idea. Find a few of your favorite paint colors and then use a paint brush to lightly fling the paint onto white paper. Just don't forget to cover your workstation in plastic or newspaper first.

Cookie Envelopes

When you're giving a gift card, but want to add that extra special something, nothing feels fancier than Christmas cookies packaged in a festive envelope made of sturdy card stock. Use pretty paper, and then seal the whole thing with a sticker.

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Content by Suzie Lang and Krista Alexander Danville Realtors

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