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TRICK OR TREAT. BE SO SAFE. HERE ARE WAYS TO CELEBRATE. This year Halloween looks a little different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a scary good time! Check out these ideas for having a great 2020 Halloween with your family and friends.

1. MURDER MYSTERY PARTY Who dunnit?! For a night you won’t forget, rally your friends for a virtual murder mystery costume party. Everything you need is in our downloadable mystery night game kit. Simply distribute roles and materials, dress according to character, and meet up over video chat to solve the crime. For a thematic twist, mix up boo-zy drinks like blood-orange martinis or candy corn cocktails, and rock our Mystery Party playlist for a finishing touch.

2. HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHT For a simple yet spooky Halloween, host a virtual horror movie marathon. Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite Halloween character, from Freddy Kreuger to Michael Myers. Then, queue up some classic horror flicks and meet virtually for a night of spine-chilling spectating!

3. COSTUME CONTEST Invite friends to come as they aren’t to a virtual costume party! Set up a roster for digital voting, then award category prizes for the best overall, most creative, and most frightening fits. Want to set your party apart from the rest? Challenge your guests to a theme, such as funny costumes, character costumes, or even dressing up as another guest.

4. PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST  Ready for total squash goals? Get everybody online for a virtual pumpkin carving contest. Set a timer at the beginning of the party, then see who can carve, paint, or decorate the best pumpkin. (Be sure to protect your computer screen, so it doesn’t get hit with pumpkin seeds!) 

5. HALLOWEEN CANDY HUNT Set up an indoor candy scavenger hunt to take your kids “trick or treating” without even leaving your house. The trickier the hiding spot, the tastier the treat! You can even decorate rooms with different themes, from a haunted bathroom to a witch’s lair basement. Use thematic stickers to hint where treats are hidden, and reward whoever collects the most candy with a special prize.

6. HALLOWEEN CORN MAZE Bring frights and delights all month long by creating a mini corn maze in your backyard. Gather a handful of posts, and weave them together using tarps or caution tape. Decorate the pathways with pumpkins and DIY scarecrows, set up some games like bobbing for apples, and then open the maze for friends or neighbors to visit.

7. HALLOWEEN PARADE PARTY Organize a car parade party with your neighbors, family, and friends – but with a Halloween spin. Dress up the kiddos in their costumes, deck out your cars with webs and fangs, and hit the streets to flaunt your Halloween spirit together. Award prizes for the best costumes!

8. HALLOWEEN BOO-ING Pass the “boos”! Organize a Halloween boo-ing by secretly dropping off treats at a friend’s doorstep with a note saying they’ve been “boo”-d. The recipient should then “boo” another friend, and so on. This is a fun way to get your entire neighborhood in spooky spirits together! (For an adult spin, pass the “boo-ze” instead.)

9. HALLOWEEN GET DOWN Boogie all night long at a virtual dance party. All you need is some spooky decor and a killer playlist. Take song requests from guests before the dance, and create festive, Halloween-themed virtual backgrounds. Or, draw a few squiggly lines on a piece of clear tape and paste it over your video camera for a DIY spiderweb filter.

We hope you enjoy these ideas and We wish you a safe and fun 2020 Halloween!

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Content by Suzie Lang and Krista Alexander Danville Realtors

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