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Thanksgiving🍗- Time To Plan The Menu. 🍽 - Krista Alexander & Suzie Lang

Thanksgiving is getting closer, and with it, the stress of preparing the perfect turkey dinner. Everyone has their own favorite way to cook a turkey, and they’re often not shy about sharing it. If you’re new to the game, and searching for a solution, look no further!

Turkey, much like chicken, works well with different flavors and cooking styles. For someone just starting out, this can be both a blessing and a curse. There are a lot of different approaches you can take to cook a bird… almost too many! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are three ways to make an unforgettable Thanksgiving turkey.

Tackling It in Smaller Pieces

If you’re not ready to take on the whole bird, try this out. Using turkey breasts may seem like an affront to the classic Thanksgiving meal, but if you’re hosting something more casual, it saves you time and opens a world of opportunities. You can buy turkey breasts at your local grocery store, then prepare and serve them. If you’re familiar with cooking chicken breasts, you should already have a recipe you can use. Looking for something a little different? Try braising your turkey first.

With braising, you brown the meat before cooking it in a broth or liquid in the oven. The advantage of this cooking method is that it keeps the meat moist. That’s right, the biggest complaint people have against a Thanksgiving turkey can be remedied by braising it. Even if you want a roasted turkey to keep the tradition alive, this is a great practice for making a backup bird.

Sticking with the Classic Roast

Sometimes, you just have to go traditional. A well-roasted turkey is pretty close to a perfect meal. With a great blend of spices and herbs, you can create a savory masterpiece. And with the right timing and heat, you can make a crispy, moist turkey. It’s hard to not have a watering mouth at the thought of that.

Getting Your Fry On

Are you looking for a way to make a whole turkey, but want to avoid basting it? Have you ever thought about frying it? That’s right, deep frying fowl isn’t just for Colonel Sanders anymore! One of the key advantages of frying is how fast it cooks the bird. While roasting your turkey takes 20 minutes per pound of meat, frying it takes about 3.5 to 4 minutes per pound. Deep frying your turkey also creates a crispy skin with moist meat. In addition, it’s fairly easy. Simply season the turkey, and then dip it in the hot oil.

Keep in mind that frying a turkey presents safety issues. Make sure that you’re frying outside of the house, in case of oil spills or fire. In fact, be mindful of any fire hazards, like a wooden deck or flammable materials nearby. It’s also important to defrost the turkey entirely before starting, since frying frozen turkey is incredibly dangerous.

So, ready to give this cooking method a try? The WebstaurantStore created a great guide to frying a turkey for Thanksgiving. They’ll walk you through getting the materials and how to fry the bird safely.

There you have it — three ways to make a delicious turkey that’ll be the talk of Thanksgivings to come!

"We wish you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day!"

Thank you!

-Suzie & Krista

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