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Nine ways to create the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Longer days, warmer nights... Spring is here, and with it, the great outdoors beckons your name. If you are the proud owner of outdoor space, whether it be a small balcony or an expansive patio; spring is the perfect time to focus on making this space your own, and creating a homey environment that will bring you, your family, and your friends immense joy. Here is how to create the patio space of your dreams.

Packing a Punch - Balconies

If you don't have much to work with in terms of physical space, don't fret. When maximized, smaller spaces not only pull their weight, but have the ability to feel particularly homey. If you live above the ground floor of an apartment building, there is also an extra layer of privacy which can be enhanced through decor. Before diving into revamping your smaller balcony space, if you do live in an apartment community, check in with community management to become aware of any restrictions on outdoor space furniture or accessories that may be in place. Let's get to work!

01. Lighting: For a smaller space, it is best to get creative and add lighting solutions that will not occupy a lot of area on the ground. Get your nails ready and hang up some moody string lights (or, opt for the renter-friendly version of adhesive hooks). You can also get creative with wrapping string lights against your balcony's railing, or, for a sleeker look, employ the help of LED wall lights.

02. Seating: Your space may be compact, but that does not mean it has to be boring. For a balcony, your seating has the potential to transform your outdoor experience. Firstly, decide on how you envision spending your outdoor time: Will you be sipping your morning joe and reading the newspaper on the balcony, or is it an area for you to curl up with a good book or a loved one? For the first option, a foldable table and chairs set in a color that speaks to you may be the way to go. If your plans include lounging, a loveseat, small hammock, or a floor cushion packed with comfy pillows and cozy blankets will do the trick.

03. Details: For the grand finale, give your space some personality and pizzazz with accessories that won't clutter. Play around with textures and patterns in choosing the finishing touches for your seating, such as pillows and blankets, drape curtains over the railing or hang them a bit higher for an extra layer of privacy, and channel your inner plant parent with a few smaller succulents or hanging plants in order to save space. If the flooring of your balcony is unattractive, consider the renter-friendly interlocking deck tiles to beautify the space.

A Cozy Haven Small Outdoor Patio

Not all patios are created equal, but all outdoor space has the potential to be an oasis as long as you create a space that fits your lifestyle and aesthetic desires. If you are the proud owner of a small outdoor patio, read on for ways to ensure that you are cheating a place that will keep you and your family entertained for years to come.

04. Lighting: A patio space, however small, offers a few possibilities when it comes to lighting. String lights can make an outdoor patio feel welcoming and intimate, but if you are craving a different aesthetic, the extra space that a patio offers allows for intriguing portable and floor lamp designs, and enhancing the mood with candlelight.

05. Seating: A smaller patio can get lost in bulky outdoor furniture, so focus on smaller-scale options with clean lines when populating your space, such as a chaise-style bench. Multifunctional furniture, such as a pouf ottoman that can serve double-duty as a side table or seating, are a great way to ensure you are getting the most out of your patio. Include a cozy dining nook into yqur decoration efforts with the help of a bistro table. And, if you have space to spare, consider adding in a compact swing to the mix.

06. Details: Complete the look of your small outdoor patio with the help of accessories. An outdoor rug and curtains will give the space extra oomph, while a hung mirror adds depth and makes the area seem more expansive. Planning on entertaining on your gorgeous new patio? A rattan bar cart brings the entire space together and adds an air of sophistication.

The World Is Your Oyster - Large Outdoor Patio

A large space provides endless opportunities for creating a relaxing and entertaining sanctuary. From large-scale furniture, an intricate grilling and dining area, and variety in the surface of the patio itself, here are the aspects to consider when putting together your dream large outdoor patio.

07. Lighting: Show off a larger space by lighting the path leading up to it. Brighten up your walkway by installing path lighting - whether it be low-voltage or solar LED options. Complete the look by adding standard-voltage, LED deck lighting, and lanterns that offer a soft look to your outdoor space. For an extra feeling of safety, add outdoor wall lighting to your patio. These can be mounted on any vertical surface.

08. Seating: Without major square footage constraints, the seating you choose for your patio is a matter of preference. But first, it is worth thinking through patio style and adjusting seating options accordingly. Fancy a gravel patio? A park-style bench might be a perfect addition for it. A concrete patio offers more longevity and is the perfect backdrop for chunky furniture with ample seating room. A pavement patio pairs beautifully with wooden furniture and picnic tables And, a tile patio has a chic air that can be enhanced through mosaic pieces and sleek designs

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Content by Suzie Lang and Krista Alexander Danville Realtors

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