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10 Trends In Luxury Residential Lighting Design For 2021 - Krista Alexander & Suzie Lang

From pendant lights, chandeliers, hanging lamps, to recessed, cove, and vanity lighting, and so on, when it comes to luxury residential lighting you have many options. Among all the different lighting types, you are sure to find the perfect look and functionality for your home project, whether it be home improvement, furniture customization, landscaping, architectural design, or another interior design endeavor. When choosing the best lighting for your home you must consider several factors, and considering 2021 lighting trends can also help.

First, location is crucial. You must select fixtures that won’t cast shadows on areas that need illumination the most. Second, you need to determine your budget before making any decisions on lighting. In addition, you will want a well-planned layout for your lighting fixtures. If you want to get a truly sophisticated look and feel working with a company that does luxury landscape lighting for your exterior and an interior designer for indoors is a great option.

Whether making a go of it alone or working with a professional, here are some luxury residential lighting trends and design ideas for you to consider in 2021, and beyond.

1. Sculptural Chandeliers For A Classic Look

Sculptural chandeliers are eye-catching and so unique that they automatically become conversation pieces regardless of where you place them. The range of materials, shapes, colors, textures, sizes, and types they come in is far and wide, so the possibilities for your interior spaces are virtually endless.

This means you don’t need to have high ceilings to be able to have a sculptural chandelier in your home—there are small ones available that you can opt for. Ultimately, it’s up to you where you’ll have the chandelier installed. But do see to it that it’s at a proper height to prevent anyone from bumping into it.

2. Minimalist Pendants For A Modern Luxury Look

Pendant lighting is one of the most elegant and dramatic forms of illumination available today. A pendant light, also known as a drop or a holder, is a light fixture hanging from the ceiling, and usually secured by a strong cord, chain, or metal rod. Most frequently we see this look in kitchens, suspended in a clear line above kitchen counters and dinette units, or larger bathrooms; however, they can go in nearly any room in your home. Lastly, while more people than in the past are loving this look in 2021, some lighting trends like to last forever.

3. Modern Porch Light

Porch lighting has evolved and has become a significant design feature in contemporary living spaces. With the development of modern homes and the increase in luxury homes, porch lights not only increase the security on your property but also heighten your home’s aesthetic appeal. One of the primary design considerations for these fixtures is that they should be able to complement the exterior architecture of the home and compliment the surrounding landscape.

Porches have long been considered outdoor rooms. Hence, homeowners install the most attractive chandeliers, hanging gazebos, and similar types of décor to beautify their porch. Eventually, homeowners also started setting up outdoor lamps. This helps illuminate the area just like the other parts of the home. With adequate lighting, you can spend a lovely evening on your porch with a book and a drink any time of the week.

4. Incorporating Crystal Ceiling Staircase Lights

If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of elegance to your stairs, then you should consider adding stairway chandeliers or crystal ceiling lights. There’s something incredibly elegant about the kind of illumination that these light fixtures offer.

Most of the time, stairway chandeliers appear with a traditional design. They are a bit of a staple in the world of interior design thanks to the style’s long history. You’ll also find that this type of chandelier can create a dramatic change in the look of your stairs. A crystal staircase chandelier is a lighting trend that will never disappear!

5. Timeless Creative Crystal Lamp

One of the most popular crystal lamps you can have in your home is the Himalayan salt crystal lamp. Himalayan crystal salt rocks form high in the Himalayas. Salt crystal lamps come in various colors and designs. And they look beautiful on flat surfaces such as bedside tables and desks.

Aside from adding a timeless look to any space in a luxury home, Himalayan salt lamps may provide some health benefits. The salt crystals are arranged in a way that allows them to catch and release negative ions when light is shone upon them. When the light shines on the rock salt lamp, negative ions release, replenishing the air’s positive ions. This process rejuvenates the air around the room.

Positive ions are believed to create a relaxed feeling, which promotes healing and joy. According to this philosophy, negative ions bring sorrow, pain, and negativity. It’s advisable to place a Himalayan salt crystal lamp in an area or room you spend a lot of time in so you can make the most of it.

6. Geometric Motif Hallway Pendant

The use of geometric pendant lights is even more on-trend in 2021 with homeowners seeking unique lighting to add to their homes. Geometrics are ideal for adding some flair to your living room or master bedroom. But of course, you can really use them anywhere including your dining room or the patio. Because of the versatility of geometric pendant lights, many property owners turn to them when looking for suitable lighting for their homes. You may also often find them used to illuminate long hallways in luxury homes.

Find a handcrafted pendant light with a unique geometric motif design for a truly special look. They can be simple or complicated in structure, so whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, you’ll be able to find one that complements the current look of your hallways.

7. Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting is a 2021 lighting design trend that celebrates the simple and sturdy appearance of old factories and industrial spaces from the early 18th to the 19th century. Fixtures inspired by the industrial lighting style often consist of using strong, long-lasting, and unfinished materials. Most of the varieties you’ll find can make the theme of your home extra edgy, be it modern, contemporary, or country.

Industrial lighting is quickly becoming the preferred option for luxury homes and high-class resorts. Preferred for its ability to brighten entrances and create dramatic ambiance and moods inside a particular space. The special materials used in industrial lighting require careful selection to suit the interior decoration.

There are numerous ways you can use industrial lighting in many areas of your home. For example, if you have black furniture and interior features, black industrial pendant lights will work well with the rest of the modern space.

The original purpose of industrial lighting was functionality. Due to its appealing and classic style, many interior designers use it to complement steel or wood that can be found in the room. Industrial lighting can also include exposed bulbs, wired or metal cages, and metal shades. What’s more, you can use these fixtures if you want to have a vintage look in your luxury home.

8. LED Wall Lamp To Highlight Artwork

Many luxury homes have a lot of artwork or art pieces that add character to the space and increase the overall value of the property. If you want to emphasize or highlight your favorite paintings, using LED wall lights or lamps is a good option. LED stands for light-emitting diode, and this kind of lighting has been on the market for quite some time now.

LED wall lights have grown in popularity throughout the past decade. Initially, they were designed and developed for use in garages and homes to illuminate car parking spaces and entrances. Now, LED wall lights and wall sconces come in various styles, colors, and shapes to match any décor. Many people enjoy adding accent lights to rooms and using luxurious LED lights to create mood lighting and an ambient atmosphere.

These lighting fixtures are suitable for classic and modern settings alike. LED wall sconces also have the kind of elegance you’ll find in upscale homes. No matter what kind of artwork you choose to display, this type of lighting will bring it to life.

9. Round LED Bedroom Light

If you’re looking to revamp your bedroom and want something minimal yet impactful, then having a round LED light installed is the way to go. One of the advantages of using this 2021 lighting trend in your own private space at home is that they offer very bright illumination without any glare. If you want your bedroom to be adequately illuminated and prefer overhead lighting, LED is a great option.

There are also round LED lighting fixtures that can create a romantic or soothing ambiance. They’re commonly seen in the master bedroom or the guest bedroom offering occupants an especially relaxing and cozy night.

10. Dining Retro Pendant Light

Retro lighting is an exciting type of indoor lighting that evokes a feeling of nostalgia in modern living spaces. It creates a bold visual impact that’s hard to ignore. Retro pendant lights hanging above a dining table makes for a lovely design statement.

A retro dining room is all about showcasing different timeless designs borrowed from the last few decades. You can incorporate some trends from the ’90s or the ’80s. And some even install industrial lighting that was commonly used in earlier decades. There’s no limit when it comes to choosing the right retro pendant lights you’ll use to highlight the focal point of the dining area.

Final Thoughts

With the many options for lighting fixtures available on the market today, from sculptural chandeliers to industrial lighting and everything in between, you can easily add personality and style to your space. These lighting ideas inspired by 2021 trends can help pull any room together and further bring out the elegance of your home. Whether you’re looking to illuminate your porch, hallways, or even some of your favorite wall art, there’s a luxury residential lighting option that’s perfectly suited for your needs.


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Content by Suzie Lang and Krista Alexander Danville Realtors

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