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Toni & Scott - Martinez

Krista & Suzie were a joy to work with. Krista accomplished (what seemed to me) the impossible effectively and painlessly. She got us into our first home in the Bay Area in less than 3 months-from viewing homes to placing a bid to close...during a pandemic. She was focused on not just getting us into a home, but getting the right home for our personalities. My partner and I had drastically different desires of what features we needed our home to have, and she kept that in mind as we saw different homes. What I particularly appreciated about Krista was how conscientious she was about making sure to stay true to our interests. One example was when she talked me down from placing a bid just because I was feeling anxious about losing the chance to get a home, rather than thinking through the longer implications of owning and living in that home. She understood how important this was, and wanted to save us from ‘buyer’s regret’. With this being our first home purchase -there were just so many moving parts that we did not understand. I was unsurprisingly nervous about making the largest purchase and commitment of our lives, but Krista spent a significant amount of time walking us through each stage and explaining to my satisfaction what would happen behind the scenes. We have since moved into our home. We both couldn’t be happier with the home, and merging our lives together! We 100% plan to work with Krista & Suzie again for getting our next home down the line. If you are thinking about getting a home, do whatever you can to get Krista & Suzie as your agents.

Content by Suzie Lang and Krista Alexander Danville Realtors

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