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5 Stunning Home Wine Cellars to Inspire Wine Lovers

This show-stopping wine cellars will inspire you to include wine storage in your next basement renovation.


DIY enthusiasts and amateur woodworkers can take inspiration from this wine cellar, which features seemingly simplistic shelving in unique shapes. The pale hue of the wood serves as a backdrop that lets the bottles shine. The geometrically shaped wine racks may not be practical for individual bottles, but they certainly make a stunning visual impact. The center of the space features a minimalistic seating area where guests can sample the cellar’s offerings.


Wine is best preserved in a cool, dark space where the bottles won’t come into contact with natural light. This cave-like cellar features the perfect conditions for maintaining the quality of vintage bottles for many years to come. The arched openings feature interior racks to keep the bottles organized and the untouched natural ceiling lends an awe-inspiring aesthetic to the space.


This basement wine cellar may be visually arresting, and the look can be easily achieved with the right DIY skills. The racks line rough-hewn walls and feature notched spaces to store individual bottles. The backlighting behind the bottles not only lends an atmospheric mood to the space, but also allows owners and guests to easily read the bottles’ labels. A corner shelving unit provides space for a few glasses for in-cellar sampling.


The vaulted ceilings of this wine cellar create an airy and spacious effect while the wood beams ensure that the space remains cozy and inviting. Recreate the look of the wine racks used here with these steel rods (available on Etsy), which come in black or chrome and can accommodate between 18 and 54 bottles each, depending on the length. The modular system allows users to combine the rods into the configuration of their choosing.


While many people opt to store their wine bottles in a dedicated closed room, some may prefer to display their bottles where they can be seen and appreciated on a daily basis. This wall installation is situated in a glass-enclosed space so guests can appreciate the collection as a whole. The racks used to create this effect (available on Wayfair) come in satin black, chrome, and brushed nickel, and each holds 18 bottles.

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